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About Us

ABOUT Energo Group

Our primary aim is to maximize the utilization of the entire toolkit available in foreign trade activity (FTA) for the business growth of both our domestic and global clients. Our strategic objective is to establish a trustworthy relationship with our customers, which can serve as the foundation for collaborative ventures in the future. This can be achieved by providing consulting services or serving as a crucial link in their supply chain through FTA outsourcing.
It is widely acknowledged that the intricacies of customs and bureaucracy have historically posed challenges and created apprehension among entrepreneurs seeking to embark on business ventures with foreign partners. At Energo Group LLC, our team of experts is always ready to assist clients in finding the optimal solution for any problem they may face. Our personnel includes individuals with specialized higher education in economics/FTA and vast practical experience in logistics.

Foreign Trade Activity (FTA) outsourcing

Outsourcing is a business practice that entails transferring certain business functions and processes to a specialized third-party subcontractor for a prolonged duration, with the aim of reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Consulting services for international trade

We are constantly prepared to apply and exchange our knowledge and best practices to address the challenges presented by our clients.


Certification of goods for customs clearance or further use is an important part of preparation in foreign trade transactions.

Project Logistics for Manufacturers

When undertaking sizable projects, such as importing expensive and bulky equipment, the need for comprehensive project coordination and skillful arrangements becomes a top priority.

International transportation

The expenses and mode of transportation are crucial factors in foreign trade transactions.

Foreign trade consulting

We are always ready to use and share the knowledge and our best practices to meet the challenges set out by our clients.

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How We Can Help

Energo Group is committed to streamlining the foreign trade transaction process for our clients. Energo Group’s team of experts is ready to provide assistance in supplier search, logistics, customs clearance, FTA outsourcing, and any other associated tasks to ensure successful transactions with foreign partners.
Our team’s strategic goal is to execute foreign trade transactions with maximum efficiency for our clients. The professionals at Kraftlog can assist at any of the aforementioned stages of the delivery process.
The foreign trade transaction process can be segmented into the following stages:

  • Initiating contact with potential transaction partners (supplier search)
  • Preparation of orders/contracts
  • Selection of shipping method and ensuring payment security per the contract
  • Delivery of goods to their final destination, including customs clearance

Many companies offer simplified delivery schemes that promise to ease customers’ headaches. However, these schemes can often be unclear or illegal. At our company, we prioritize clear and constant communication with our customers, explaining our processes in detail. Here are some of the advantages we have over our competitors:

  • We have extensive experience with goods clearance at various customs posts under different regimes.
  • Our long-term strategic partnership with a leading international logistics company allows us to offer the best shipping rates to our customers.
  • We have established relationships with Chambers of Commerce in Europe and North America, which accelerates supplier searches and operational verifications of their reliability and solvency.

Our team of specialists is available to provide advice and assist with organizing transportation of goods. We can also provide information about your goods as needed. Our experts will work with you to determine the best transportation method and calculate associated costs. With our help, you can optimize your transportation needs and ensure a smooth delivery process.

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