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Energo Group provides an extensive array of services for companies engaged in foreign trade. In today’s constantly changing economic and political landscape, it’s critical for businesses to quickly and effectively adapt to new conditions to ensure their continued success and financial stability.

This is particularly important for any companies engaged in foreign trade, as successful transactions require the seamless integration of various components such as logistics, customs, tax, legal, and more, like a puzzle.

At Energo Group, we understand our customers’ needs firsthand as we have extensive experience in foreign trade ourselves. We strive to provide our clients with the tools and expertise necessary to navigate the complexities of international trade and achieve their business goals.

Outsourcing of Foreign Trade Activity (FTA)

Outsourcing refers to the transfer of business processes to third-party specialized subcontractors for an extended period of time.

Companies have been effectively outsourcing various activities, such as recruitment and training of staff, legal services, IT infrastructure, accounting, call centers, economic and information security, transport and logistics, among others. Essentially, any business function can be outsourced to enable businesses to grow more effectively and free up managerial, financial, and human resources to explore new business areas.

The need for outsourcing arose due to the imperfections of customs legislation, the complexity and intricacy of customs clearance preparation and processes, high costs, and the need to deal with bureaucracy and corruption at the local level. Even with their Foreign Trade Departments, foreign trade companies are hesitant to incur additional costs and unpredictable risks.

At our agency, we specialize in foreign trade transactions, stay abreast of the latest changes in customs and currency legislation, and interact with customs authorities. By taking on the role of importer or exporter under foreign trade contracts, we can improve the efficiency of your business significantly.

Supplier search

Finding the right supplier for your needs may seem like an easy task with internet access readily available.

However, at Energo Group LLC, we understand that selecting the best supplier goes beyond a simple internet search. We prefer to physically visit vendors whenever possible and also seek recommendations from chambers of commerce, specialized business associations, and professionals in the field.

Moreover, we have learned from experience that distinguishing a manufacturer from a mediator can be challenging. With our team’s expertise in English, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Polish languages, we strive to provide you with detailed information about the supplier and offer preliminary quotations for the goods with specifications based on your order. Our goal is to ensure that you receive accurate and comprehensive information to make informed decisions that will benefit your business.

Customs clearance

The customs system in the Customs Union is continuously undergoing reforms, which require businesses to be careful when choosing the location for customs clearance.

We provided an opportunity to start customs clearance at the border. Despite differing views on the success of the concept, our company has experienced positive trends and was able to find customs representatives (brokers) who provide high-quality customs clearance services.

We offer customs clearance assistance services at the customs posts in the areas of the Central Customs Administration (ZTU), Northwestern Customs Administration (SZTU), and Far-Eastern Customs Administration (DVTU). Here are some of our most in-demand services for customs clearance:

  • Customs clearance of goods transported by rail: Customs clearance at the border rail stations in transit is ideal for large equipment, as customs inspection can be done easily at the rail station customs control zone without unloading. We have experience in clearance at the rail stations of Smolensk, Bryansk, and Zabaikalsk.
  • Preliminary declaration of goods
  • Customs clearance of goods through e-declaration centers using remote release procedure
  • Customs clearance of goods for which the Federal Customs Service has rendered a decision about their classification (classification decision). Working with such goods requires us to pay close attention to every step of the process. Customs clearance using classification decision offers several advantages, such as time and cost savings, simplified customs procedures, and the ability to clear separate components by lots. However, it is important to determine if the customer really needs to obtain a classification decision and if it is worth applying to the Federal Customs Service. Our specialists will make a detailed assessment of the shipment, perform an audit of the contract and technical documents, and help you collect the necessary set of documents to apply for a classification decision.

In summary, we are experienced in customs clearance assistance services and can help you choose the best location for customs clearance while providing high-quality services to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Customs clearance

In foreign trade transactions, the certification of goods is a crucial step in the preparation process for both customs clearance and future use.

Our focus on this aspect of the process is driven not by a desire for profit, but by our responsibility to ensure the success of our clients’ projects. Even a minor error in a certification document can result in significant financial losses.

To provide the highest level of service, we collaborate closely with a select group of trustworthy and experienced organizations that specialize in both voluntary and compulsory certification procedures, including the declaration of conformity.

Customs clearance

We value close cooperation with our customers and aim to work together to achieve their sales goals.

We are always eager to become an integral part of their sales scheme and provide our expertise and services to help them succeed.

Our highly efficient logistics enable us to organize the movement of goods to their intended destination while conducting independent market research to identify potential customers and sales opportunities.

Furthermore, we are prepared to fulfill any contractual obligations by providing detailed reports, staff training, and joint investments as required. Our ultimate goal is to build strong, long-lasting partnerships with our clients and support them throughout their business endeavors.

Customs clearance

When it comes to foreign trade transactions, the cost and method of delivery are crucial factors to consider.

Fortunately, our company has established long-standing partnerships with major forwarders and shipping companies, enabling us to offer reliable and cost-effective services for the international transportation of goods.

We can accommodate shipments of any size, from small deliveries originating in China that we can handle via a regular LCL service from one of our trusted partners, to full containers that we can transport using well-known shipping lines.

By maintaining a regular flow of cargo, we are able to establish favorable relationships with transport companies and negotiate competitive prices for the benefit of our clients. Don’t hesitate to inquire about our rates and see how we can help you streamline your transportation costs.

Customs clearance

According to the annual Doing Business report published by the World Bank

Additionally, the country ranks 160th for time, cost, and the number of procedures required for international import/export trade.

Despite these challenges, the market presents significant opportunities for foreign companies. At Energy Group, we are prepared to provide the following services to help companies navigate this market:

  • Preliminary detailed cost calculations (DDP) to help understand customer price levels
  • Analysis of foreign trade contracts and development of optimal delivery schemes
  • Purchase and delivery of trial shipments to final consumers
  • Assistance with obtaining necessary permits and certificates
  • Representation of foreign companies to customers, as well as support in preparing for and participating in trade shows and other events

We have extensive experience working with foreign manufacturers and would be delighted to collaborate with new partners.

Customs clearance

Large-scale projects, such as importing high-priced or oversized equipment, require meticulous coordination and planning.

These projects often involve a multitude of commodity items, and their delivery can be complicated by loading challenges at different locations, as well as the need to obtain permissions from authorities for the transportation of oversized and/or heavy cargo.

Customs clearance procedures must also be carefully considered in preparation for such projects, including determining where the clearance will take place and whether a classification decision or bonded transit procedure will be required.

Our experience has shown that the success of project cargo logistics hinges on several key factors, and our top priority is ensuring the competent coordination of all parties and processes involved. Let us help you navigate these complex logistics and ensure a smooth implementation of your project.

Customs clearance

We are dedicated to utilizing and sharing our knowledge and best practices to effectively address the challenges presented by our clients.

Conducting a preliminary review of a project during its early stages can identify and resolve potential issues that may lead to legal violations, increased costs, or time expenditures.

We offer a range of high-demand services, including but not limited to:

  • Developing a step-by-step foreign trade algorithm
  • Consultation services on equipment import as a capital contribution
  • Evaluation and assistance with obtaining goods classification decisions
  • Joint consultations with customs representatives at the customs post
  • Assistance with international trade transactions that do not involve importing goods into Russia
  • Analysis of foreign trade contracts.

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